Thursday, 8 January 2009


Here is another of the 12x12 pieces I did for the journal quilt challenge for Contemporary Quilt group. This is for November. However, what with one thing and another, I just finished the quilting today. Most of quilts in this series used shapes, although I got a bit tired of that after the 6th one! I also used Koolaid dyed wool from an old blanket, so I was working with colour a bit. A lot brighter than I usually work with and because of the limited Koolaid colours I had, that too got a bit same-o same-o. However, after the 6th one, I set myself to do a technique, too. So, here I tried to do holes. However, satin stitching the edges made the floaty bits slightly wonky, so I put a piece of the backing fabric right-side up behind the hole and re-did the satin stitch. The shapes here are Free Machine Quilted to make it say Shape. One of the things which I attempted improve over the year was the Free Machine Quilting. I thought the wool would be quite forgiving. I am quite pleased at the progress! In fact, it has given me confidence to jump right in for other fabrics, too. remember the dragon foot?

By the way, I like to use varigated threads. I wait til Thread Studio from Australia are at one of the shows, and buy the various types they have. I like the blends of colours. If you choose a blend with a colour that matches your background closely, it makes an even more interesting pattern.
Okay, most people are done with Christmas photos, but as I had such a strange Christmas, even though it is well into the New Year, I have a few odd things to show you. When I was in Maine, the prices for lobsters was VERY low. I think around $3 or $4 a pound! Well, chicken is more than that! (At least here!) So, my dad thought we would have lobster for Christmas. However, so did everyone else in Maine! So, we finally got some to have on the Saturday following Christmas. M-m-m. Haven't had lobster for years. And it will probably be several more years before that happens again!

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