Saturday, 17 January 2009

more journal quilts

Okay, so these Journal quilt photos are coming onto the blog backwards, but I guess they will make sense in the future when you click on the link and scroll down. This is the journal quilt for June. I decided to go for ovals. I had been playing about with overlapping ovals in some of my sketching/doodling. I was content with it til I was doing them in a meeting and my friend said they looked like mushrooms! Anyway, here they are ovals or mushrooms whatever you like. The previous six journals were all about basic shapes, but I kind of lost interest in this shape thing. I think perhaps the circle/oval shapes are too difficult to place in interesting compositions. Perhaps they need other shapes with them. This piece has sort of lost its focus. But it will work as part of the series.
Here is the July journal. A bit more interest...the shapes, colour and stitching seem to create tension. I couldn’t bring myself to do specific planned shapes anymore. So, I tried various technique ideas for the rest of the year. I had been challenged to try doing something like reverse appliqué. However, since I move things around a lot before I am happy with the look, I didn’t see my way to cutting holes and then finding it was in the wrong place. So, instead, I did a sort of slash and spread technique. This created a consistent shape of its own. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I decided to echo the shape with stitching. And then use the contrasting colour strips for interest.

Again, as I think I said before, the fabric is a cream wool blanket chopped up and dyed with Kool-aid in the microwave.

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