Friday, 9 January 2009


Here is the " I meant to post this yesterday" blog post. (Maybe one day I will get my head back on straight! )

This is a picture of all the Wolford sisters, from 2007 when they came to Houston to meet me. It was the first time I had a garment in the Bernina Fashion Show...The Epic Quest of the Last Dragoness.

Front left - Me, the oldest. Front right - Kathy, sister no 2. Back right - Debbie, sister no. 3. Back left - Linda, sister no.4. There were also 2 boys between Deb and Lin. Tom, who lives with my parents, and Dan, who died tragically 10 years ago. Lin came to Houston this year when Midnight Dance by Moonlight was there.

I want to thank Kathy for stepping in to be with Deb (And, too, for all those long nights in hospital ) and for helping the family work out what needed doing when Deb became ill. And now to Lin who came all the way from Alaska and is carrying on to help Deb's husband who was already poorly with his heart and isn't doing so great at present.

Sometimes it is good to live in another country and sometimes it isn't.

And for another couple random photos from my time in America!

1.Why is Sponge Bob in the freezer?

2.Why is one of 2 cups left in the cupboard a taxidermy advert?

First night I was there I stayed in Kathy's house on my own. It is interesting to discover things in other peoples houses and then find out why, later. 1. Sponge Bob has a freezer bit inside of him and can be used to keep bumps and bruises from swelling. 2. All the dishes had been used by a student lodger who left them all on the side when he left at end of term and Kathy was already in Portland looking after Deb. The taxidermy cup was past find by one of Kathy's boys. It was on the very top shelf because she doesn't like using it either!!

And yes, I did up all the dishes before Kathy came the next day. The least she needed was to face that!

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