Saturday, 10 January 2009

More stitching and a bit of winter

This is October's journal quilt...which I also finished the stitching on this week. It is made of similar techniques to the others, but I used fruit netting, too. Usually when I have finished these quilts made from a felted wool blanket, I steam them back into shape when finished. That was not so great for this one. Even though I covered it so the netting wouldn't stick to the iron, I hadn't considered the netting would shrink. So, the one side got quite a bit pulled in. It is fine for experience, but I am not sure it is something to leave as is or not.

Back to photos from my journeying: In Maine there was a tremendous amount of snow compared to what we get here. On the first morning, I looked out and saw 3 wild turkeys in Kathy's backgarden!
This photo gives an idea of the snow. When I came here, I thought I would miss that look. However, one can do without it if it means you can actually go through the winter somewhat comfortably. One wonders if it is possible to have a stylish chic way of dressing when you have to spend long periods in the cold?
When I got to Mom and Dad's, there were about 20 Wild Turkeys happily munching on the bits under the bird feeder!
They seem to walk and behave in a similar way to peacocks. Here is a close up. I don't remember wild turkeys when I lived there...deer, bear, porcupine, beaver, the odd moose, yes. My dad said they have re-introduced them in the past 5 or so years and they have done quite well. From what I can tell, they almost seem a nuisance.
And while we are doing snowy Maine bird photos, I had to try for one of the chickadees. They are my favourite bird (and about the only thing I miss about not living in Maine.) I love their call.
A bit too fast for my camera and for trying to stay in the porch without scaring the turkeys off.

I guess I brought the cold with me when I returned. It has been decidedly fridgid round here lately. I was hoping for signs of Spring....Well, some years the daffs do start poking the tops of their stems up around Christmas.

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