Monday, 12 January 2009

Just Stitch

Sometimes you have one of those weekends with one too many things that cut to the quick. And then, sometimes it is followed by one of those days where you never seem to get anything done. Things like a quick trip to the doctor at the way too early appointment time about what needs ticked on your regular blood test form before booking the blood test, (so you don't have to have another one when you see him next because he thinks of something else to test.)

And then the booking turns into "Do you want the blood test today?" No, but yes. So you go home, eat your cold oatmeal. Go back down and then you sit there an extra hour. (I have regular blood tests because I had thyroid surgery about 21 years ago, and now am on synthetic thyroxin. They also keep testing other things that apparently aren't just right, but they aren't "not right" enough to do anything about.) I have got to the place where I dread the blood tests. They never seem to be able to find any, and too many of them take it for gardening practice or something. Well it feels like it. or they get in fine, collect their allotted amount and then don't seem to be able to tell it to stop inside. Well, it's not bleeding on the outside. Yeah, but the bruise covering the lower arm lasts for 3 weeks. By the time you get done, you try to recover the lost day, and finally give up and have a nap. (Oh, but I had Sister Sheila today, and she Knows How To Do It. but the whole saga takes alot out of you.)

So, anyway, about 4:00pm you despair of getting anything done. So, I decided forget the plans in the diary - college homework and work on the new project. Just stitch.
I decided since I enjoyed stitching on the wool, I would try it on velvet. What to stitch? Finally I just started on doing a face. I don't draw faces well. Even the ones drawn with a pencil usually turn out like this anyway. She is a bit too much "Everything in life is going fine...through the pasted on smile, over the gritted teeth." Perhaps this is autobiographical?

The velvet puckers a bit too much. I need to use a sturdier stabiliser. Here is the back.However, I can see that I could like this Just Stitch thing rather than doing all those diversionary tasks like checking email for the mumpty mumpth time. I am tempted to say I will do a regular Just Stitch.
But, Whoa and hold the horses. That is somewhat why I am feeling so disgruntled. I already have too many things on my "to do" list. So, I give myself permission to only do Just Stitch when I need to get Stitch out of my system so I can do what I need to do.
Off to do the tea now.
I did print off a few things from college, okay?

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