Friday, 16 January 2009


This past year I have been meeting with 2 other ladies from the Contemporary Quilt Group in the Berkshire area. We all have different styles and come from different backgrounds, but enjoy working with fabrics artistically. We recently decided to call ourselves. "EquilARTeral" which we feel reflects our differences and interests.

We set ourselves a challenge, which we have slowly been working on. (Well, I have been a bit slower than normal because of my course at college, and then plans to catch up at Christmas fell by the way.) It is called ZOOM because the challenge involves looking at a topic from different distances in a similar manner to zooming in on an online map. So, for instance, you could take Forest, trees, and leaves. Or Person, group, crowd. We are doing 3 pieces, and have settled on A5, A3, A1 for the sizes. The layout can be either landscape or portrait. Also, it is up to you to decide which part of the topic should go with the size you choose.

So, Merete likes working with colour, dyes and paint. She has her C+G Diploma in Patchwork and quilting. Her topic is sunflowers. Jane likes felting and embellishing with an embellisher. She is a graphic designer. Her topic is a concept...using the word "significant" and breaking it into parts. I, (well, how do you describe yourself? Dabbler in everything?) anyway, my topic is words. So, I am doing Letter, Words, and Language. And being contrary ! My small piece is the middle part of the topic. The Zoomed in part will be the large piece and the Zoomed out piece is the middle size.

So, anyway, I had the A5 piece done for sometime, but couldn't decide on the edge treatment. I used rust dyed fabrics, a fabric with words printed, mark making with the soldering iron, and stitch. Today, I decided if I was going to get on with the rest, I needed to complete this. So, I did a blanket stitch. Then I realised that although I liked the look, I also needed quilting, if only to hold the layers together. By the way, the "face" was actually an anomoly in the rusted fabric!

And thus, we have "Words".

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Amy in Austin said...

Lovely Sandy. Truly lovely.