Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

Here is something to make you think. Have a guess and leave a message! Tomorrow I will post what they are. I think the symbols would be awesome for stamps, stencils, silk screens, etc. I can also see them as beaded motifs! What would you do with them?


I have been writing up a Research Rationale this week. Tonight is college. It took me a couple weeks to get my head round what one was so I could work out how to do it! Come to find out, in the terminology of the ordinary person (me) it is a research PLAN. Only you have to write why you decided to chose to research certain of the topics connected to teaching/learning. I guess it is more than just, "I chose to research these because I have to for the course."! After they explained things last week, it made more sense. There are a few topics you get the impression you should NOT leave out. But the rest are topics you decide on 1 - because you want to know more or 2 - because it will help you with teaching in your subject area.

The Ofsted inspectors are there this week. One good reason not to regret my courses for the Autumn term didn't run! They, in their wisdom, have chosen to inspect our Visual and Performing Arts department, although it had good comments last time. So, my boss has tons of work. However, she is confident the department is great, so is not worried. They have invited the inspectors to come to our teaching training class, though. Why? Because a large percentage of the class are new teachers in our department! It will be weird if they come, but I hope they do come to see that the department is forward looking and trying to make available the type of courses the public wants.

What is interesting is that all the teachers (we have 3 this time) are teachers with backgrounds in theory type subjects rather than activity/skills based subjects. They have noted that, but it will be interesting to see how they manage to "adapt their teaching style to that of the learner" as we are often told to do. No wonder with so many Kinaesthetic and Visual Learners, we sit there with glazed looks when they are waxing eloquent about the theory side of things.

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