Sunday, 11 January 2009

more journal quilts

While I am getting another project to the place where I can photograph it...
I thought I may as well show you some more of the 2008 Journal quilts. Above is August.
This composition just developed. So many little scraps of the wool which didn’t want to be thrown away! Some I used to experiment with on my friends embellisher and the experiment became the pot. However, the sewing of it became a bit hurdle. The whole idea with these journals was to make something that wouldn’t take ages. I finally settled on Free Motion Embroidery which served to tack the small bits on. This is the September Journal Quilt. The simple plan this time was to cut holes along parts of the blanket lines and weave stripes of the wool through. The quilting of the background is more selective this time. I choose lines to echo the blanket lines, but left some places plain.

Here is another photo from Maine. I stayed one night with my niece Jess, her husband Charlie, and their little boy, Owen. Here is a stained glass window in a random small bedroom tacked onto the back of the house behind the kitchen! I think it had been rescued from another part of the house, but why it wasn't in a more prominent place, who knows. There weren't any other features like this in the house, as far as I could tell.
Pretty stunning if you ask me.


Amy in Austin said...

I really like your journal quilts. The colors are so soft.


BTW - what's tyinggum?

Sandy said...

okay, you got me there! I did post the message late at night, but I don't see what you are referring to.

It is likely to be my recent ability to type things totally in the wrong order...?

can you give me a context for the word? where you saw it or heard it? not sure if I will still be able to answer, but I could try.

Thanks for the "soft" comment. I think the hand dyed wool blanket creates that effect.