Monday, 27 May 2013

Postcards 10+11 and 1 for a friend

Here are postcards no. 10 + 11 for my family member. I sent off number 9 without getting a photo.

This was a fabric scrap that looked like a Victorian skyline to me. So, I worked into it a bit more with a couple markers to finish off the idea.

I have a friend who is a bit low, so I used a few more of those leftover scraps I used for no.11 and made one for her. Not sure if I will do one a week, but at least every now and then.

It is fun to make a composition out of scraps!

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Margaret Cooter said...

Isn't it great when a scrap comes complete with an idea of how to use it? The simplicity of that Victorian skyline is really striking.