Thursday, 2 May 2013

Princesses on show

Today I took the Sky Princess and the Young Princess Elizabeth garments up to Lady Sew and Sew in Henley. They will be part of the display of work there for the Henley Art Trail.

I have been in a quandary about how to display the young Tudor princess. I haven't got a child's dummy and you can't get the gown over the shoulders or hips of even the smallest adult dummy.
Last week when I gave the talk in Camberley, a few of the members brought their dressmaker's dummies along to help display all the gowns. When we tidied up, I heard one lady say hers was not going back in the loft, she was going to put it in the tip or take it to a charity shop. I said, "I'll take it!" because I thought the Tudor gown would fit. But, no.
So, I was contemplating doing surgery - making narrower shoulders and amputating the bosom. Yikes! I was rather afraid I would just end up with a mess, and I can always use the dummy complete for talks and things.

So, I tried out another idea first. I put the corset on a feather pillow, then put the chemise, farthingale, under skirt and gown on. Yes! It worked. I stuck a hanger in the neckline to support the shoulders and to build up the neck area so she didn't look like an ex-wife of Henry.

Here she is at home.
The pillow/corset base is sitting on a tall kitchen stool...which not being quite tall enough for the skirt not to crumple, has a Quality Street tin taped to the seat to give a bit more height.
Use your ingenuity!

and here she is welcoming visitors just as they enter the shop. Not too bad!

and here is the Sky Princess - not quite in place, because there was a temporary office thing going on, but it will be placed to the right of Kate Findlay's fibre optic quilt. The quilt to the right of that has terracotta colouring, so that will work with the copper accents on the coat.

There was one other wearable art. Judy's 11 year old daughter is more interested in fashion design than quilt design. She made the skirt and accessories! (Judy runs the Lady Sew and Sew stall in the Bracknell Market.)
I hope she carries on with her ideas!

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