Sunday, 5 May 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 29+30 April, 1-5 May

2013 - Week 18 Daily Beads

You saw these first 2 earlier on Wednesday photographed together.



and back to fabric beads.

As I was gathering the fabrics and beads for this month, I decided rather than split into 4 combinations - weekly, like I have been - I would split the 31 days by 5. yes I know, I will have one left over. I will think about that at the end!

Here are the first 5 beads for May.
(The first of May was also 1/3rd of the way through the year!)




 This doesn't glow as much as it does in person, but the coral and the green beads really work well together.


For a very long time I have been really intrigued at the colour combinations that happen when you make a salad. Yes, I have been known to take photos of the salad when I have made it! I always thought to use those colours as inspiration for something. However, they are colours I never naturally go to.

So, I thought this month would be a good time to play with the colours. And along with creating the fabric beads, I can discover how they work together. There will be 5 different fabrics and a combination of a variety of salad coloured beads.

I'd love your comments on the colours.

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