Monday, 20 May 2013


So, this morning I woke to great noises behind the back fence.
and then went through a rather fraught day watching the decimation of 'my' beloved trees.

Well, some were drastically trimmed, but the one I have been watching for years with the 3 large mistletoe balls and the recently built magpie nest...gone.
At lunchtime - I couldn't bring myself to watch when they were chopping the rest. I was trying to do my fabric bead - I think it turned out rather porcupine-y as a result.

The cherry and red maple were given a haircut so as to stop roof damage - to houses...which I can understand. But still, I was still full of anxiety that they would take them too.
I think the man who lives next to the red maple wants it taken out. If they do, please plant something else for the birds to avoid the cats!

See how big the trunk was?

I know, it was just a tree.

But it was special.

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