Wednesday, 15 May 2013

bits and pieces and fabric stash busting

Today a Certain Lad went off on an Adventure for a few months to help my parents with some jobs they need help with...roof fixing, wood chopping, and garden digging, etc.

Then, being of a tired mind after all the getting ready and away, I made a postcard for my other family member. But, sent it off without getting a photograph. sigh   But it uses the same colour and motifs as in the teaser project I posted yesterday.

And then I washed some of the random things you find lurking under and in piles in a lad's bedroom and took a nap.

And before this turns into a twitter type saga...I did something Sewing related besides my fabric bead for the day.
I am managing the Fabric Stash contest on Pattern Review. It is running through June and July. So, I needed to get it set up today. If you don't know Pattern Review, you can check it out here.

I usually hang out on the Contest Review part of the board. Actually, I have a link set up to go straight there! The rules of the contest can be found on the thread called Fabric Stash Contest 2013 - Official Discussion . It is all about sewing as much of your stash as you can. and even if you don't have a top score, all the yardage sewn by the contestants are tallied together and can reach awesome amounts! You don't have to pay to be a member and the rules have recently changed so that if you sign up as a member before a contest starts, you can begin participating in a contest straight away.

But then again, if you aren't fussed with contests, you could get involved with sewing up some of your stash as a bit of a follow along on your own. As manager I can't take part, but I can sew along. So I hope to do some more of the skirts and maybe some shorts for the over 10 year old children where my friend works in Ethiopia. and I hope to make some more of the chemo scarves.

Oh, you need a photo?
here are the fabrics from my stash for the chemo scarves!

And now off to bed.

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