Thursday, 16 May 2013

SAQA 12x12 donation - 'Ramshackle'

The other day I showed a glimpse of something I was really pleased with. I thought I might finish it by Friday. But I got it all sorted today!
So tomorrow it will go off in the post for the SAQA Auction to be held later in the year.

Anyway, here is 'Ramshackle' completed.

The thing that really pleases me about this is that it is from some sketches I started developing a few years ago. As I hinted, some of the techniques I have been discovering with the last few pieces I have been working on became just the thing to depict these images.

And the plus side is that it was not very complicated! So, now I have some ideas on how to work some of the other sketches in this style.

I am going to link this to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday. You can go over and check out what some of the others are doing.


Mary Stori said...

The newly discovered technique is very effective....SAQA will be lucky to get it!

Sandy said...

Thanks Mary! I hope someone enjoys purchasing it.

Heather P said...

Very nice, Sandy! I like it very much.

Linda M said...

Sandy, I love this piece!

Sandy said...

oh, thanks Linda, that means a lot to hear it from you. I am soo excited about it I was afraid I was a bit rose-coloured view.
I can see all sorts of developments from this...and maybe even GARMENTS!