Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A breakthrough/milestone

The last few months I have been learning a technique through the different pieces I have been making, the Cloud Puppy, the Swamp Dragon, and the WVA map.

And today I had the most amazing coming together of ideas from something sketched in my sketchbook (which I rarely do) to something that was realised in a very short amount of time using that technique I am learning.

For something this special to me (perhaps not a candidate for the best work of the year or even of the month!) I think I want to wait to present the whole before I get into processes. and maybe even then, I might leave description of the processes very minimal, til I see if I can do it again...

But in the meantime, here is a glimpse of detail.
You may be able to tell it is that same technique of cutting away the line and mounting onto another colour. But I am 'psyched' that it is just the thing that works for this idea that has been brewing for a couple years!

WOO HOO! Watch this space!

This particular piece will go for the SAQA Benefit Auction which consists of 12"square pieces. I should be able to show you on Friday. But like I said, I may not go into detail this time.

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