Monday, 6 May 2013

some awesome quilts

Today I went back to Lady Sew and Sew in Henley to collect my garments. I went a little before closing so I could look at some of the other work. Here are a few that I really liked.
These from Sigrid Ferguson

'Bench Cushion and Cushion'

from Carol West
'Jungle Ferns'

accompanied by 'Day' by Beverly Bowen

Kate Percival

An interesting piece called 'Crazy Byzantium Throw'
by Susan Brown who I know from a sewing forum.

Sally Griggs


and also an amazing large quilt with embroidered fancy shoes -
here is the story

I got some closer photos of different sections of it.

Isn't it fun?

It was lovely to see the quilts on display, but I am sure some people were more than a little disappointed with the display. Some were hung very high, some with bolts of fabric or wadding in front of them (the venue is Lady Sew and Sew's Warehouse shop). And as many of the quilts were hung back to back, some of the small one's suffered because the back of the larger quilt behind distracted from the colours in the small ones.
Still it is an opportunity for introducing Art lovers to what can be done with fabric.
My friend's Kate Findlay and Jane Glennie also had work together in a venue on the Henley Art Trail, but in Shiplake. Unfortunately, I didn't get to stop and see their display.

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