Friday, 17 May 2013

Lady Sew-Forth WIP

Seeing that I have been on a roll with making and finishing things... but with this week being full of bits and pieces of life...

Cast your mind back to November 2008 and Lady Sew-Forth. I made her as an exercise in proportion for one of the Fast Friday challenges. I was thinking at the time about The Bayeux Tapestry and realised that style was really playing with proportion - a king holding a church in his hand, and so on. So, decided to do it in the style of the Tapestry, incorporating bits and pieces important to fact I turned the image of one of those kings in that embroidery into a version of me. Follow the link above to read about my ideas in making it.

Well she was in the pile with the not-finished Swamp Dragon...
(Looking back now, I realise that is just when my sister got sick, I went to America and while I was there, she died. So, I will let myself off for not finishing.)

anyhow... since I have decided to send the Swamp Dragon for the next Stretching Art exhibition which is called "Hi, It's Me!" (not that I am a Swamp Dragon! But that I love dragons and making them and telling their stories.) Sometimes they have a hard time getting enough work to do a good exhibition. So, I thought I should also do one that is more of an obvious self-portrait... and so, why not try to finish Lady Sew-Forth off.

So, I am. I have gone into some of the colouring of the image a bit more with my Triplus Fineliner pens. and now I am adding a border. (Who, me? This is like real quilting!) But this border is because the work as it was really needed a surround and also it is only around 15in. and the smallest the Stretching Art Work can be is 18".

So, here is a border added. Now this weekend, I will add wadding behind the whole thing (there is a thin layer behind the piece as is, but that will help it stand out.) and backing and then work on the quilting.

and next week which is not so full of life I will work on some ideas for work that might go to Festival of Quilts.

p.s. (are you tired of parenthesis yet?) HaHa!

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