Friday, 24 September 2010

Triangle experiments

The 3D triangle experiment came to a bit of a halt while I worked out how to keep the triangles upright. I had the bright idea of using springs - in sort of a mini toast rack effect - to work as "feet". However, I needed time to go find out where I could get any. Today I had to go into town to get some interfacing at the market, so I had a look in Halfords...a bit useless, but at least the clueless lad did suggest the hardware/ironmongers.

I should have thought of that. There is a good ironmongers in the parade of shops at Great Hollands. They have Everything. from rotary cutters to any sort of tool or gadget you might need. So, I stopped there on the way home. Sure enough, several bags of a random variety of springs for lawn furniture and you name it. So, I rummaged through and found some I thought would work. She was only going to charge 50p. well I gave her £1 instead. after having looked in town, I know it would have been at least a pound had I been able to find any!

And here it is! These are just stuck in, but they do what I want them to do. I will make sure they are evenly spaced and stitch them on.

From here I can go ahead and do the suspension bridge cords to join them, now that I know they will stand up. I can also go ahead and do some embellishment...although I am growing fond of them just as they are. Maybe a chance for me to do simple for a change?

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Linda M said...

These are very cool!!