Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Triangle experiments

The other day I did a bit more to the fabrics with the larger prints on them.

Today I cut triangles. I thought to use something stiff like pelmet vilene, but I only had scraps. Then I started looking around and thought about some scraps of wool I had felted to see what would happen. but being brown and not having very much, I doubt I will ever use it. It was a bit floppy, so I discovered some fusible interfacing I got for craft uses. I fused some to the front and back, and it became even more stable than the pelmet vilene. I cut triangles from it and some more from the vilene, which I might do a bit more with.

Then I fused one side with black Misty Fuse, and the other with white.

I selected areas of the fabrics I thought would look best on each triangle and fused the white fabrics to the white side

and black to black.

Now I will zigzag over the edge and work out how to display it. I think each will be embellished in some way, too.

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