Saturday, 4 September 2010

Coiled Dragon - finish

Part of the problem of the edge I put on the dragon was that it was rather wobbly.
I might not have put the metal bits over the edge I had already zigzagged with metallic thread. However, as a result of some of the mysteries of life, the piece had managed to shrink by 1/2 inch in height.

This never fails to amaze me. If I start off having cut the background slightly larger, it doesn't shrink and I have to make sure I haven't worked too near the edge lest I have to trim it off. So, if I start off with it about the size I need. Then it ends off shrinking.

So, anyway, I decided I might accent the metallic part of the dragon with some of my sprongy bits. The bar shaped ones would make it right up to the right size.
So, here was the result.
But, by this time it was midnight or past and I was not impressed with the wobbliness. It was being very difficult to hold the joins on the bar section together.

However, this morning seeing it afresh, I realise I could probably fix it, so did. I had to insert a coffee stirrer I had covered with sharpie marker. and a few more stitches held it all together.
And that will have to be that. It looks better in real life, and the purpose is not to make a piece that will be sought after by wealthy art collectors. It was just for a journal quilt.

At this point, the story is very simple. It is a Coiled Dragon. The like music and do coiled dances. But I will have to work out the rest later.

Edit -
oh... here we are:

The Coiled Dragon likes music. They are well known for their very intricate dances. The Dance of the Coiled Dragon is the highlight at many of the dragon gatherings in certain parts of the world.

In their natural setting, the dances which Coiled Dragons use can have a hypnotising effect, but that capacity is only used on enemies. They do teach dance to Uncoiled Dragons, but it is never as graceful.

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Linda Robertus said...

I love your coiled dragon!