Friday, 3 September 2010

Coiled Dragon

Starting a new dragon today. He is actually nearly finished, but here is the first couple of stages.

I made a stencil with freezer paper, after having drawn the dragon shape on. And then screen printed over the body of the dragon. Initially I meant for the colour to be black, and the paint was something like shiny jet black. but it comes out looking metallic blue.

which was alright, as I meant to have metallic on the piece in some way to go with the Fast Friday challenge this month, which I am hosting.
So here it is stitched with metallic threads, too.

I will show you the border tomorrow. I am not quite happy with what I have done.

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sandra wyman said...

Have just seen you JQ dragons in Harrogate at the Grosvenor show. They look wonderful and were drawing a crowd!