Tuesday, 28 September 2010

SAQA fund raiser

Sometime back I told you about a piece in my Communications series that I had made for the SAQA auction. The auction started last week and my piece was in the first stage. Each day the amount went down and I was beginning to think no one would want it.

However, today I got word that the lady who runs Misty Fuse had purchased it! I was very excited because she had been very generous to me when I was at Houston. She gave me several packets of the Misty Fuse for my work when she heard about how I was using it.

I wasn't sure she bought it just because she liked it or also because she remembered me. Well with thousands of people, how would she remember me? Anyway, I emailed her and sent the photo above. There was a photo on the SAQA website, but it was taken on white background. It looks different on black, so I thought she might like to see the difference while she was waiting to receive the piece.

She wrote back to say she had seen the piece early in the week and loved it but hadn't been able to get back on to the site til now and how glad she was that it was still there!! and she HAD remembered me!!

I also told her that it was made of sheer layers and Misty Fuse, so she was even more glad!

So, the next thing is...when will I sell something for money 'I' can keep? LOL


quilthexle said...

Oh yeah - "THE" question most of us ask ;-)) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! And I'm pretty sure you won't have to wait for a looong time anymore! Hang in there ;-))

mistyfuse said...

Oh Sandy!! My quilt arrived and it is far more beautiful than I had even hoped and has stunningly skillful details that couldn't be seen in the photo. I couldn't be happier! You are fantastic! Thank you so much! Iris

Sandy said...

Hi Iris,
I am so glad you liked it! I enjoyed making it!