Thursday, 23 September 2010

a bit of simple sewing

A Certain Lad is off on adventures this weekend with the paratroop division.
"Do you have any white fabric like a sheet?" which, after a length of time and effort turned into this.

He will write our surname across the white bit, and then it will be easier for the people doing the shouting out to know who they need to shout out to. Or as I said in a reverse psychology sort of a way...they will know who it is that needs help.

This was about all I was capable of today as all the activity of the past couple weeks caught up to me. Even though the rooms were "ready" to teach in, the new machines and returned serviced machines and new dressmaker dummies still in boxes have had to be moved here and there. At last this morning, my body said, "It is enough." I was a bit afraid I had flu, but I think I mainly just needed to go back to bed. So, I did.

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