Friday, 17 September 2010

Mystery item

The answer to yesterday's mystery item...Rhonda started getting there with stretching and Kate got it right. A glove stretcher!

How about this one then...
If you know, leave a comment.

a clue One of the ladies said they had to use these when she started nursing for a particular decoration on their nursing hats.

All of these items were part of one box in the handling collection from the Slough Museum.

As you might remember, the Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt group will be doing an exhibition next summer. We are making work in response to the artefacts belonging to the museum and also about things which interest us about Slough itself...even present day Slough.

If you are interested to see what some of the members are thinking about or working on, you can check out the blog... Whatever floats your boat. There is also a little slide show of photos taken in the Museum and around Slough.

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Julia in NZ said...

is it a goffering tong?