Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Mystery item, etc

What intrigues me about historical artefacts is the questions that come to mind.
I showed you the samplers of C A Pengilley the other day.

Here are a few different sorts of samplers. Very fine work. I should show them to my students when they moan about doing samples!!
It looks like M Pengilley - 10
C Pengilley - 12
C Pengilley - 13

1. Was M Pengilley the younger sister?
2. Why did C Pengilley do 2 samplers nearly the same one year after the other?
3. Look at the samplers from when C Pengilley was 8 and 11. They have the date. So, what year was C Pengilley 13?
4. Did she do any more after this? or go off to school somewhere or go into service or begin a trousseau? Did she die?
5. back to question 2...is it possible she made 2 similar because she made one as an example of her work if she was hoping to go into service or get some sort of sewing job?
6. Did C Pengilley really like sewing and this is why she had more pieces? or that her family somehow also had M Pengilley's passed to them, too? or did she only make one because she died?

Possibly no answers to these questions, but combined with what you learn about Victorian times and the end of the 1800's, you start to put a little picture in your head about what might have been. If not actually true for C Pengilley, it could have been the senario for another young lady in those days.

Any thoughts or questions spring to your mind?

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