Sunday, 26 September 2010

favourite flower

If someone would ask me what my favourite flower was, I would probably say sunflower.
But then whenever I see Cyclamens, I remember how much I really like them.

At present, the cyclamens in our front garden are blooming bravely. I love that they come at the end of summer when the garden is getting a bit sad. I am not an "I love Autumn" person, so I need that bit of fighting off the browns that our cyclamens do. (There are also Spring versions.)

What really appeals to me about them is the way they start off twisted and pointed and then from one moment to the next they are sprung back on themselves. It really is that quick! I tried to catch the change one time and between looking one moment and then small minutes later it had changed!

Another reason I love them is because it is the first flower my husband gave me when we were courting!

And then when it is January, of course, it is snowdrops that become my favourite because I know Spring will soon be coming. Perhaps I have seasonal favourites?

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