Saturday, 18 September 2010

Mystery item

Yesterday's item Julia in NZ guessed...a goffering tong! how did you know?
I googled the term to be sure I had the understanding of it. This page actually has the polishing iron on it as well.

and so curling irons weren't such a 20th century invention after all!

here is another item, which is probably a bit easier to recognise as many books, set in Victorian times, speak of them.
Answers tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we have got the room sorted at college and I am getting going with preparations for the courses I am teaching.
Welcome...come on in.
Step up to the mirror and take a look at the wonderful garment you have designed or display it on one of the models.
Cross to the ironing board and press your fabric.
Plenty of natural light from the windows and lots of room to set up your machine and get on with your work!
We do have machines, but they are in the cupboard.We could have set them up, but 'twould be a temptation to prying eyes. We hadn't the heart to have to draw the curtains on our wonderful work just yet.

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Hilary said...

Sandy, it looks wonderful - airy and spacious. Your hard work has its rewards. Lucky students. Have fun,