Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Colour wheel

One of the ways you can get a better idea of colour is to actually sort things into their places on the colour wheel. If you use something related to the craft you are working in, it also begins to connect with what else you know and you can begin to see how to use colour in your work.

Last year the students sorted accessories into place. This year I suggested they bring threads or notions.

The result?
We were basically doing a 12 step colour wheel, so we put white black and multi-colour in the centre. If we were taking it further, we would have a ring round the inside and outside and do tints and shades.

and further to last week's search over Bracknell for springs? Well, I went to Aldi get some cheese for my pack lunch for college tonight. This is nearly across the road, right?
See what I found?
This is what I thought I would find in Halford!

Oh well, now I can do even more 3D with that type of stand.

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