Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sketchbook project

You may have noticed in the sidebar that I am participating in the Sketchbook Project. The Sketchbooks will go on tour and all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view.

I have been getting a start. I chose the theme "It must be..." and of course, mine is "It must be... Dragons". I think this is a great idea! I think I want to use the chance to show off the dragons along side their stories.

So, here is a glimpse at the first 2 page spreads. It is a bit of a rambling introduction about how the dragons and their stories develop which has got interrupted by a dragon who got bit on the nose by a fire wasp and I had to go off and get some balm before I could get on with the rest.

I will be having a printed photo of the different dragons alongside the story that goes with them. along the way, there will be a bit of doodling and some drivel about writing about it.

There is a barcode on the back and when they go out to be read, they will take note and inform me of when someone reads it! I also opted onto the Digital online version of the sketchbooks, so at some point, someone will upload photos of the pages! Cool!

I might do a better photo of the spread and put them up here. I might even get brave and look at Blogger's option for more pages and give them their own page! But not tonight.

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