Monday, 15 December 2008

Solar Optics

Back home! Here are the small pieces (about A5 size) that were in the display at the library. They have been there since August! One or two may become Christmas presents...but I haven't decided. Looking at the photo, I see I have kind of forgotten which way some are meant to go. I think the first one at the top and the second one at the bottom should change from landscape to portrait and vice versa.

I had fun making them at the time. They are developments from when I tried to capture the image which the sun sears into the back of your eyes and which remains when you close your eyes. Well, at least it is the image in "my" eyes!

If you look at them from 1-6 from the left to right starting at the top, I already had 1-Solar Optics: Radiance, 2-Solar Optics: Blaze, and 6-Solar Optics: Flame up on my website. I had the others started, but finished the edges quickly before taking them to the library. I never got photos though. They are 3-Solar Optics: Glow, 4-Solar Optics: Bright , and 5-Solar Optics: Brilliance. Solar Optics: Dazzle is also on the website. It is A4 size and the one I settled on for the best representation of what I was trying to achieve. I have a few other words I have collected...perhaps I will make a few more before long. Perhaps they will warm up the winter a bit!

I never even got to put labels on the back, so that is something I need to do before I put them away. However, I am glad the librarians and the customers at Birch Hill Library have been able to enjoy them. They would have sat in my cupboard otherwise.

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