Sunday, 23 September 2012

End of Summer

Today it really seems Summer is gone. We had such a short one. It is a bit sad really. We do need the rain, but when wind and cold go with it, it's not too wonderful.

But the other day, I had a look round the garden for something encouraging amongst the leaves and plants that are beginning to die off.
I began to notice provision for the winter. These are all in my back and front gardens.

For humans

and for birds or other animals.

Love the colours of these berries...very inspirational!

For some reason this year we only had 2 apples. and 2 plums...which I ate. :) I think Victoria Plums straight from the tree taste just like Summer.! Yumm. However, due to the lack of Apples, my husband is beginning to realise there is a system for pruning. So maybe next year there will be a bumper crop? cross fingers.


Celia said...

Rose hips can be food for humans too. They are full of Vit. C, and during the war were collected and made into syrup to provide it. This must have persisted after the war, too, because I can remember having it on rice pudding when I was at school several decades ago.

Thanks to your reminder, I've just Googled it and found you can buy it at Lakeland, so I shall be trying some to see if it is really as delicious as I remember!

Sandy said...

I knew there was something good about them for humans, but wasn't sure what. Maybe I will collect these and have a go at the syrup.
Let me know how the purchased syrup relates to your memories.