Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mini-Wardrobe complete

Here are the blouses I made the other day worn with the skirt. The majority of them will also go with the white dress.
The toile of the double collar blouse
It doesn't count for the contest.

Double collar blouse
left out and tucked in

The sheer blouse with dark blue underblouse

underblouse on it's own showing the silk noil skirt
close up

double collar blouse worn open with the underblouse.
 jackety blouse over underblouse.
 worn buttoned as a loose top
To be honest, I will probably wear this with jeans rather than a skirt. Or over the white dress for less casual situations than the blue jacket that my husband bought with the white dress.

I am soo ready to NOT sew clothes at the moment! However, now that I have a nice summer wardrobe, it is time for winter clothes. One at a time though, not 8 things in 1 month!

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