Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Plan B button stand and facing

Even Tried and True manages to throw you a challenge sometimes.

This is the edge of the fabric. Laid out and cut precisely so that I have 2cm for buttonstand and 4 cm to turn back as grown on facing.
And with the amount of fabric I had, yes, the white part would have to be part of the facing, which would be alright. Because even taking into account the bit of leaf that didn't get printed blue, the depth from the edge is 3cm.

except, if you notice the bit on the right? That is the other side. Discovered after it was cut out and when I went to snip the balance marks.
Hmmm. The white is not going to all be turned back is it? The white on this side is 4.5 cm.

So, Plan A.5. Is it going to be alright because it is the part of the buttonstand that goes underneath?
But what about at the neckline and the hem area?

Do I have enough to cut a sewn on buttonstand and facing instead? No.

So, Plan B. Should I make a partial sewn buttonstand and facing from the neck to where I might leave it unbuttoned, and then at the area near the hem that will open a bit when I sit down?

Answers on a postcard please.

Only I need to sew this tomorrow. I expect it will be Plan B. But I need to sleep on it to work out how.

On any other more sensible occasion, I would pin the fabric so the print edges are lined up with one another...before cutting out. It makes the usable amount of fabric smaller, but you don't end up with problems like this!

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