Friday, 14 September 2012

MA show - Camberwell College of Arts, London

I promised a few more photos of the work I saw at Margaret Cooter's MA show.
You can see more of the work for the MA Book Arts along with the artists at this page.

A couple close photos of Margaret's blue pieces I showed in the photo the other day.

These pieces also intrigued me.
A concertina book with the letters on edges and 'falling out'.

An enlarged dress to go with books on the theme of 'Mother'.

A series of pieces having to do with disease and its progression...the first one in the series is not in the photos, but you can imagine one block with nothing 'breaking through'.

Over the next few days, I will show some things I saw in a few other MA displays.

I am busy working on a blouse design, so I am not being idle! I have made the proto-type, now working on the real thing.

Oh and catching up on years of paperwork that wants sorting. Now that I am not teaching, I actually have time for sorting some of these piles.

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