Monday, 3 September 2012

mini wardrobe - 1

I showed these fabrics I got at the Festival of Quilts. I am taking part in the Mini Wardrobe contest at Pattern Review.

Rules:Mini-Wardrobe Contest - Expand Your Wardrobe

This is a contest to create a 5-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks. Four of these pieces must be sewn during the contest period.

**The 5th piece, known as the KEY item, can be something you already own, something you purchase, something you have made in the past or something you make during the contest. The KEY item must work with all the other pieces. It needs to co-ordinate with the other four ITEMS, but need not be included in every OUTFIT.**

These 5 items must combine to make a minimum of 6 different outfits.

The fabrics will all work together with my new white dress as the key piece.

However, when I was looking over my plan, I realised I needed another solid in there. Those fabrics are pretty stand alone, so they need to go with something besides the white dress.

In digging around my stash, I realised this silk noil which I dyed would be just the right colour. So, yesterday I cut a skirt.

Today I interlined it with cotton lawn to give it more body. The colour in this photo is more like the blue of the fabric.

Originally when I dyed the fabric I was a bit disappointed because it looked too much like terry toweling! So, I have been about a year considering how to use it in the way I wanted. I am not into floppy clothes, so I realised underlining it would be the best way to go for more fitted clothing.

I am pretty happy with this now. I just need to hem it. I do have an extra style idea I am considering, but I will show that if and when it happens. If I run out of time, I will at least have a simple straight skirt to go with the blouses and jackets I make from some of the other fabrics. If I get the 4 other garments made up, the silk noil skirt can be the key item.
I do have more of the blue silk noil...maybe a jacket, but maybe not til after the contest.

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