Monday, 17 September 2012

Designer/Maker MA show - Camberwell College of Arts

Some of the interesting work in the Printmaking display at Camberwell MA show. You can find more about the artists here.

 Interesting wall piece which seemed to consist of ramikens strung together and hung. There was another piece which was easy to miss at first, but once you saw the above piece, you looked again. It looked like a white pole holding up a 'ceiling' of sorts. At second glance, you realised it was a stack of ramikens.

 These wire pieces were what drew me into the room in the first place as I was trying to discover the route to Margaret's show.
 I really like the tangle of these. I imagine they would be wonderful to handle!
 This was an interesting bridge-like structure.

 In a dark room, there was work about bird feathers...including a pile of feathers, I think made of ceramics?
But what fascinated me were the containers made of organza to hold feathers. The image is difficult because I didn't change the setting to adjust for the dark. You can see the containers along the shelf on the wall. Below are the black containers holding black feathers.
 And then white containers holding white feathers.
There were large pots sitting on the floor made in the same shape/construction as the organza pots, but in ceramic.

One last Designer/Maker tomorrow.

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