Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Plan B button stand and facing fix

So, while sleeping on the problem, I thought I might just have enough of the edge from where I had cut the sleeve and one of the princess panels.
and in the morning I found I had!

So, I first pressed back the white + the bit not printed right on both edge pieces...the remnant and the left front of the dress.

Then I sewed along that fold - well measured and sewed along it because I couldn't see the fold line well enough when sewing.

Then pressed it over. I had a moment of 'now what?' 'where do I trim this other piece?'
But I remembered telling you that I had measured exactly how much buttonstand and grown on facing. So, I trimmed the smaller seam allowance by half, put the interfacing on the larger facing piece, then overlocked the bits together.

Then I measured the 4cm grown on facing bit and pressed that back.

Here is the side which will be seen.
Well, not all will be seen because it is the bit where buttons are sewn, I am not too sure about it, but it will have to do. I am tempted to do some sort of fancy stitching on it to make it look intentional. But I need to find buttons for it first and see what they would look like.

Wouldn't you know I have tons of buttons, but not enough of any sort of blue to do a shirt dress. I will try to get into the market on Friday morning and then hope it doesn't take me ages to do the buttonholes.

One plus about this extra layer, since the fabric is fairly lightweight - linen/rayon blend, it will help to give more support to where the buttons are sewn.

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