Thursday, 27 September 2012

another idea

The last piece of fabric for the mini-wardrobe seemed to want to be a loose jacket/top sort of concoction. I got some ideas on how I might do it.

Just as I was about to cut, I thought, wait a minute. This is special fabric. let's see how this actually will work.

So, I rummaged and found this brick red plaid which suddenly said it would look wonderful with similar ideas.

Basically, I have used the pattern for the top with the pleated neckline, swung it away from the CF and CB and added 10 cm to the length. I plan for a grandad sort of collar and placket down the front.

I have already cut this out as you can see, it was actually quite freeing to ignore the plaid part and not have to worry about whether it was all straight. This sort of pattern has different grain position to start with, so nothing has to match.

I managed to sew the basic bodice part together at shoulder and side seams. Looks about like I planned. So now I am in the process of laying it out on the fabric for the mini-wardrobe. I think it will go together pretty quickly.

I need to plan a time for getting photos of me wearing the variations of garments. And doing the reviews before the deadline on Sunday.

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