Thursday, 6 September 2012

parfait dyeing - or not

The idea from yesterday's photo teaser was to follow the parfait dyeing concept.

I used cotton and Dylon dyes. Rayna and Goodworks both thought it would look wonderful. So did I.

However, this was near the beginning of the summer around the time that we added a unplanned for trip to York because my MIL had a fall. So I didn't get back to the jar of dyes for about a week.

Tip of the week:
If you do parfait dyeing, don't leave it that long. They rather go all the same colour.

Which is why I have waited til now to show it.

So, I guess I will have to try overdyeing methods on these...some batik...some discharge...some flour resists...
some outright covering it up in hopes it gets better...

The above photo shows the fabrics folded to show the 'one' nearly redeemable bit of the fabrics. most of them nearly fit under the classification of Solids.

I keep forgetting that my ideas of what scarlet might do always disappoints. I just don't like it. It isn't red and it isn't orange. Just a poor attempt at inbetween. It doesn't even look good when you add more of one or the other to it. As I tried here.

Rayna might remember my attempts to redeem similar scarlet messes at her Master Class at FOQ a few years ago. I just have too much of these sorts of experiments with scarlet combinations. but, I think there are a lot of posts out there that show everyone always wins at these things. Well here is a post showing it isn't always the case.

Note to self...put unused scarlet into the box for the TVCT meeting on Sat. Put it on the "Been There, Done That" table. Someone else might like it.

Or not.


goodworks1 said...

Okay, I'll agree about one thing: it's not what I expected.

However, IMHO it's better. Those colors are perfect for someone with my coloring to wear. :D

What were you planning to do with them?

And why did you choose Dylon for dyeing them?

Sandy said...

:-) Well, I had hoped to have some bright dragon flame sorts of colours. which these are NOT.

I used Dylon because I had it. :p It was mixed up for using in a session at college to teach colour schemes. I thought I would combine what was left for parfait dyeing. I didn't use all, just warm colours.

If they were a bit bigger pieces, I would offer them to you for garments. but I will see. More experimenting cloth I guess.

Rayna said...

Hmmm...oh, well - you never know till you try. I'm sure you can rescue them, Sandy.