Sunday, 1 July 2012

what I have been doing this past week

I have more photos of 'what we did when my sister was here'. But I haven't been idle this week. (Apart from the normal Tuesday not doing so great recovery from Monday neck and head day.)

I finished a dress I started a few months ago at TVOffcuts. and...even put buttons on. my son is now home from uni, so I got more than a dress on hanger/dummy or image in the mirror photo. (Although it is a bit of a 'oh, are you taking another one?' face.

This prompted me to put buttons on this jacket. It is not up to standard on the fitting side of things. Mainly because it was made back before I worked out what was wrong with my jacket pattern. but it had too much work into it to toss, so I have re-engineered the shoulder armscye area as best as possible. But still not what I would call even good. However, it will do if the weather for my son's graduation from uni on 17 July is like today. I just won't let on that I made it!

For it you DO get the jacket on hanger look. It fits the hanger well in the shoulder area, doesn't it! HA.

I will just have to get some white linen of that weight again, and have another go. Then I can release this one to someone with pointy shoulders.

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karen said...

you make with envy here....