Saturday, 14 July 2012

Guildford -1

On Tuesday, my son is graduating from University of Surrey - Guildford. While my sis was here, we went to see him and saw some of the interesting things around Guildford. So, in the lead up to the graduation, I will post some of those photos.

There are some pretty unique statues around Guildford. In trying to find out a bit more about some in my photos, I found this list. I think it would be interesting to actually make a point of going there and doing a statue trail to discover them!

Anyway, here is an interesting one on the university campus. It is called "The Gang's All Here". 3 timber wolves slinking along.
You can find out more about some of the statues and buildings on campus here. There is a building that looks a bit like a train and one that looks a bit like an oceanliner! Not sure that was the intention. I haven't got one of The Stag, but I hope to get one on Tuesday if possible.
Maybe with a Certain Young Man in his suit?

In the Gardens of Guildford Cathedral, which is at the top of the hill above the University Campus, there is this poignant sculpture of 2 children at play. It is part of the Seeds of Hope Children's Garden, a place where children who have suffered bereavement can come, walk the labyrinth, and just sit calmly and think.

I have shown this sculpture before - I saw it when I went over there to have lunch with my son. This time the surrounding area is a bit more verdant so you can imagine Alice sitting with her sister and seeing the White Rabbit running past.
Lewis Carroll has connections with Guildford, as you can read from this sign.

This time when we were there, we also discovered a statue of Alice going through the Looking Glass.
It is a little bit spooky strange as you come round the corner.
and even more so when you see it face on!
here is the back
but the joy of a sculpture is that you can get a picture from all sides. Interesting how the artist made it so it wasn't so scary from the 'reality' side to actually go through, but immediately the other side takes on a very frightening aspect.

Not sure if you can read the words here, but it is the story board for the statue.

and here is a photo of Chestnuts, the house where the author's sisters lived.

On a related note, if you enjoyed the books and then Tim Burton's recent film Alice in Wonderland, you might be interested in a series written from a very different perspective. The Looking Glass Wars. I wouldn't necessarily read it to little kids! More for teens and adults that appreciate reading stories set in alternate realities.

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