Wednesday, 18 July 2012

graduation day

A few photos of yesterday the BIG day for a Certain Young Man

Much Ceremony
 Being Announced - he was the only graduate for the Physics with Finance degree

Being greeted by the Pro-Chancellor

Happy graduate

Two long legged men...Loved the billowing cloak - just like in the films

In all his finery

And with the Stag

Graduation present - secondhand I hasten to add!
All in all a lovely day.
And in case you thought you recognised the Pro-Chancellor, you probably did.
She is also a Deputy Lieutenant of Surrey.
She was very lovely with each of the students, greeting them as if she was ever so proud of them. Beaming with her signature smile.
If they had won an award, she actually had a little conversation and then proudly watched them walk over to receive it.
For our son, she asked him if it was rather lonely being the only one doing his degree. He replied that there had been one other person doing it as well.

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