Saturday, 30 June 2012

South Hill Park

One of the days when my sister was here, we went for a walk around the grounds of South Hill Park. It is a mansion with a lake. The building has been used as an arts centre for the last few decades. Work has recently completed with new gravelled paths through the woods I used to go through with my son playing Robin Hood.

I showed her my favourite sculpture of the bull pushing through a brick wall.


the other side of the wall!

Funny I never really noticed the frog on his back before!

There was also a look at the Italian Gardens.

And then in the deepening dusk a walk round the lake trying to get photos in the dark.
She enjoyed the patterns on the bark of the chestnut as much as I do.

I love going over there, I should do it more often...take a book and just sit outside reading in nice weather!

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