Sunday, 15 July 2012

Guildford - 2

One of the interesting sites in Guildford is the Castle set on one of the prominant points in the town.
Just a few photos of the outside. We decided not to pay to go inside.

about the castle palace
about the arch

There were some wonderful gardens surrounding the castle. I am not sure when this feature was added and the background, but it really draws you to go and see.
and then you discover you'd like to go see where this leads.
Well you would if two long legged men weren't waiting for you to get on with catching up!

The landscaping was wonderful

Themed beds for the events for 2012

sorry, I tried to sort the fuzz on this.

and the story about the garden

Go see it if you are near Guildford. Prepare to walk up vertical paths.

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