Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Today was my birthday!
Amongst some special things including 2 Natalie Bray Pattern cutting books, I also got some of these...
wireless headphones

and a CD of one of my favourite groups.

So, now I can carry on listening when someone in the lounge is trying to watch something.

and I can listen to my audio books from the computer and the sound of the machine won't drown them out! Perhaps cancelling out the sound of the Singing Troubadour next door on his karoke machine. cross fingers

We went to Woking to see Snow White and the Hunter and had dinner at Cafe Rouge. then came home to some of my husband's new gastronomical interests - ice cream from his new ice cream machine - £9.99 on sale at Aldi! we have had a new kind of ice cream every night this week. My idea of wonderful!

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