Friday, 13 July 2012

remember the rainy Jubilee?

Well, the student work and my marking was approved. Phew. I have one finishing a 3 year Level 2 Diploma, one finishing a 1 year Certificate, and one who has done 3 seperate Level 1 units which are submitted as Awards. All of them by the way, have achieved Distinctions! And some of those hoping to finish next year are also in line for Distinctions.
No..... I was reassured..... I haven't been over generous. and was told I should take credit for good teaching. So, there we are. Super tired today. I have photos, but instead of sorting them, I will show you the ones I sorted the other day of the Jubilee event my sister attended with us.

It has been just over a month since the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend. Our Community Centre decided to hold an event for the users of the Centre. We joined up with an event being held around the country called the Big Lunch only this year it was the Big Jubilee Lunch. I guess we were lucky because we decided to have it in the hall - although we had been given permission to use the school field. So, we didn't have to get wet or stand in the rain for 4 hours like the Queen!

Anyway, several photos of the fun which included a tap class presentation, singalong and children from one of the groups showing what they have been learning. The Guides/Brownies/Rainbows - one of them! had made bunting, and my husband, who is treasurer, and the chairman blew up balloons with helium. The lettings officer and the secretary organised the day. Our church did the drinks and everyone brought their own lunch...with some groups bringing enough to share with everyone. Kiddies made crowns and decorated cupcakes. Basically, we all enjoyed it and might do similar in future years!

Some of us from church waiting round for the rest to come get started.

Tap class
Watching the tap

Kids making crowns

in the kitchen
patriotic drinks!

having lunch


just before the balloon fight

visiting American getting stuck in!

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