Saturday, 21 July 2012

sewing going on

In spite of the series of posts about things that happened at the beginning of June, there has actually been sewing going on around here.

sewing buttonholes
Oh! unsewing buttonholes and redoing them on the right side.
Don't use crepe if you want to see if the pattern is right at last. It ends up sagging so much that it feels way too big.

I started this dress, but realised it was way too in your face for wearing to the graduation.
I will finish it this week for going on holiday instead. I had in mind the hope of summer when I saw the fabric. but in reality that colour green is not so great for me. So, I am going to bind the neck with white. The buttons are just stuck on with pins at the moment to see what I think.

I sent off the Tin mine piece for the Festival of Quilts. Wow. It has been nice to not be frantically stitching to the last minute. and it is not even due til next week! Makes a change to be early.

And then today I have been working on a piece I was putting off. You know how strange it is when you begin to fear a piece, but when you start working it is quite easy? Well, that's what this had become.
It is a piece for the Stretching Art exhibition at PNQE - Pennsylvania National Quilt Exposition. The theme this time is Fountations. So this one is Sewing 101: Seams. I need to finish the edges in some way and see what else it wants. Next week I will do a companion piece. And then they will be on their way  - early again! What fun!

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