Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Guildford - 4

So, this post is scheduled for Tuesday. My son is graduating from the University of Surrey - Guildford today. The ceremony will take place in the Cathedral. We visited and looked around the inside when we went to Guildford with my sister.
I showed the doors previously.

The Cathedral, as I mentioned, is a more modern Cathedral. The building itself doesn't strike you as Cathedral-like, in fact it has sometimes has been discribed as more factory-like! But, it was the first Anglican cathedral to be built on a new site in the south of England since the Reformation. Construction had to be halted during WWII, and it was finally finished and consecrated in 1961. You can read more about the process of constucting the building here.

While the exterior of the building does look mid- 20th century, there are sculptures which have been done in a modern style, but do make you think of the sculptures from churches in the middle ages. For instance, you wonder if in 100 or more years, time will have softened the angles on Charles Gurrey's carvings like this one.

But then some things have been done in an older style, too.

And there is a beautiful gold angel at the top which can be seen from a distance as you approach. I also spotted this cockerel at the top of another part of the building.

Inside, it looks and feels like a 'normal' cathedral. The stone used gives it a lightness and even perhaps joy that you don't feel in older buildings.

There is a mixture of decoration that give the feeling of age combined with other items that have a definite modern feel, like this altar.

this stag in the floor under the crossing.
It marks the summit of Stag Hill, the hill on which the cathedral stands.

and these traditional looking pieces of needlework.

There is a Regimental Chapel to the left side (as you look towards the altar).
the Chapel altar

decoration over one of the entrances to the chapel

I thought the arrangement of these organ pipes in the Cathedral look like a modern sculpture themselves!

I seem to have gone on a bit, but it is such a contrast from what you normally see with centuries old churches and cathedrals in England.

I will see what other photos I might be able to get today during the Graduation Ceremony. but mostly I will be celebrating a Certain Young Man with a Degree in Physics with Finance.

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Celia said...

I love Guildford Cathedral - came to terms with the bricks when I found out that they had been made with clay from Stag Hill itself -as though it had grown out of the ground. I love the bare, uncluttered interior, and find the children's chapel very moving.

Thanks for the reminder - and have a lovely day!