Monday, 16 July 2012

Guildford - 3

I seem to be attracted to doors and other possible 'portals'. Perhaps connected with my enjoyment of stories set in alternate realities where people from here end up going there.
at any rate, here are a few doors and portals of interest on our day in Guildford.

Use your imagination and think about where you might go if you went through this portal.

or knocked on this door
who lives behind this knocker?

I showed this already, but somehow these type of arches say 'entry way to somewhere' to me.

This is one of the Cathedral doors.
and another that was open
detail of left side
detail of right side

I will show more of the Cathedral another day, but I think it is fascinating how they have so many visual links to ancient cathedrals while doing it in a modern style.

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