Friday, 25 September 2009

Things to Investigate - wanderings on the web

Have a bit of a wander with me...

On India Flint's blog, she has posted links and a photo to an interesting care label.

Links take you here, where Leafcutter Designs has developed a clothes tag that crafters and sheep-raisers could sew into their handmade woolen items.

and then of course, you want to see more about Leafcutter Designs, so you follow the trail.

So, you click on the Art Blog, and find what she was interested in investigating.

A cool ice cream plate with a snowshoe image on it!

Curious vintage items being sold on ebay. I'd love the vintage fabric ruffler! and My dad has one of those toothpick dispensers! I see one currently on ebay is already up to about $20!

and so you think, enough of that, and you go back to find more about Leafcutter Designs

and you discover her projects. Now this is fascinating.

All sorts of global community online type projects to participate in...all of which are tempting. but the one that catches my eye is the Changing Clothes . A series of sculptures that explore the everyday world of producing, wearing and discarding clothes. OKAY...this is something I plan to explore further. I like the idea.

How about you?

And here is my attempt at the Miniture Map shirt - the link is at the bottom of this page. I think the Crafts @the Library Students would enjoy this! You could use them for gift tags for men's parcels or whatever comes to mind! and for the C+G design, the students could fold up any papers they had! Whatch think?huh?

And what if I hadn't gone on the investigation?

PS This is sort of how I discover cool things on the internet...(and waste time, I know). However, if Things to Investigate - wanderings on the web works, I may make it the feature for busy weekends rather than Featured Blog. (I was running out of sewing/art related blogs with frequent updates!)

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